Manchisi Team Exclusive Guarantee

*Never Miss a House Guarantee Certificate*

If We Don’t Send You the House Information On the Home You Buy, *We’ll Pay You $1000!*

We guarantee that you will *never miss* an opportunity to receive the information on a home that meets with your “Manchisi Team Personalized Buying Criteria Profile”, that you have registered with a our Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty member. If we did not send you the information on the home you buy. We will pay you a $1000.00 on closing.

*How can we make this offer?*

Simple! We have *EXTENSIVE SYSTEMS* of finding available homes. We don’t * just* rely on our real estate board listings or to locate the best possible properties for our VIP Buyer to review.

We have lists of homes not available to all agents!

*To Never Miss a New Listing again, Learn Where we Hunt for Homes and additional details of our $1000.00 Guarantee. Order your Report*

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